About Us

The Central Aim and purpose of all education is focused towards the development of the child EMRS philosophy believes that every tribal child is unique and has inborn gift and talent .The role of the school and its teachers is to help the child discover and develop his/her talent by focusing indvdually on his/her and not in a "Mass Production" manner.

Eklavya Model Residential school,Labrawada Dhar was established in year 2015.It was started in the campus of Sambhagiya Anisuchit Jati Awasiya Vidyalaya,Sharda Nagar,Ranjhi,Jabalpur The temporary site.It will be shifted to the new building at permanent site situated in Narainala,near Barbati village,Bargi Dam Road,Jabalpur.It is about approximately 25Km away from Jabalpur Railway Station.

This school provides education from class VI to class XII with 60 seats(30 boys and 30 girls) in each class but the admisson is mainly done in class VI.

Every year 60 students are admitted in class VI and in successive years they are gradually promoted to higher classes.

EMRS is a CBSE affiliated Residential School which provide free education in English medium as well as in Hindi medium.The school also provide free boarding and meals facility with various other free facilities.School is commited to over all development of its students which include physical,mental,social and cultural development etc.

Affiliation No - 1020026
School Code - 52025

Principal Contact number : 9425967978

Email : eklavyagradawad@gmail.com

6 th class - 60 students
7 th class - 60 students
8 th class - 59 students
9 th class - 48 students
10 th class- 59 students
11 th class - 44 students

12 th class - 16